Armory Show IV

Last of the Contemporary: a cycle of water glasses.  Iron hoop, three spots for water glasses.  It reminded me of a piece I saw at the New Museum the week before, a water glass with a  sign that says, “At night this water turns black.”  Ha. See how you are water, and how delicate it is that glasses of water keep us going?   (By Athanasios Argianas.)

Next to yellow, I love little drawings that are very neat and come in a series, little shape studies, and this was my favorite from the show, by Hordur Agustsson.

Color work again, where did it come from, where did it go?  (David Renngli.)

David Maisel’s photo of a horse x-ray (I assume that’s what it was) stopped a lot of people in the walkway between booths.  Everyone loved it.  Ghost horse, perfect space around it, the thickness and toughness of horse plus the delicacy of knowing everything has bones.

The blue one is great composition, and I don’t understand why that top corner is kind of unfinished, but that’s why I’m not a painter, right?  Not a hard-practicing painter, anyway, like David Scheibitz.

The last two are the fun, which was hidden back on the left side of Contemporary.  A group of Chinese artists made this punch-wall that people had apparently punched to get prizes.  I was there toward the end.  The other part of their exhibit, which I inexplicably forgot to photograph, was a lot of plastic-bagged objects laid out on the floor.  You could pay $20 and get three rings to play ring toss.  Ring a toy, get a toy.  I watched a white guy ring two toys, and choose what appeared to be a red rose made of fabric.

I’m feeling like a real chump for not playing.  I really am.

Finally: someone built some obnoxious blue sort of playground equipment, and we could climb on it and use it.  The piece I photographed was the fun one, the stand and spin.  I stood with two others and we all squealed as the spinner was much faster, oilier, than expected.  Whee!

(I forgot artists’ names for the last two.  Next time I’ll do better.  I swear.)


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