Armory III

Starting here with a typewriter typing a long white bed sheet.  Well: a glossy, waterfalling scroll of paper.  Lovely, and I forgot to get the artist’s name again.

A color photo with color I was mad for.  Whether that was real or induced color, environment, I don’t know.   Or care.  (Robert Polidori.)

Two human studies: another one I loved for color, that made color new.  I think it was the denim color that made it.  (Meleko Mokgosi.)

I am accused of only liking paintings because of their use of yellow, and I am always guilty, but also, the shadows on this made Alex Katz’s piece a better composition than I expect from a face and a back.

Finally, here: people are interested in circuits right now, in making little lights part of things, in books and pictures, in a primitive, fifth-grade-scienc type of way.  I was unsuccessful in making the light bulb light up, even in my fifth grade science kit, so I don’t know that I can join up with this, but the last piece here by Haroon Mirza has solar panels to light up the lights in it, so it is a living sort of Mondrian.  (A piece I didn’t photograph was a Mondrian with drawer pulls glued on it.  I swear.)IMG_0682IMG_0683IMG_0687IMG_0689IMG_0691

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