About the Author

Elizabeth Schurman emerged from a small house on a busy street in an preternaturally safe suburb.  She was raised on a diet of Simon and Garfunkel, Robert Louis Stevenson, and George Orwell.  Early experiments in truth included: roly-poly observation, playground gymnastics, Arctic role playing, simulated subterranean microeconomics, and the formation of secret and not-so-secret societies of all kinds.

She lived 15 years in Kansas City, taught city kids, enjoyed a lot of art.  Along with her equally talented sister and a cadre of other charming people, she ran a little art gallery and threw parties and artist retreats under the auspices of the Myers Mansion Arts Society, Krewe de Bastille, and Societe Anonyme (the radio interview; the print interview).

She taught public school in New York City for three years, and now tutors college students who have been in foster care.

Schurman writes, loves and tolerates her vicious cat, and accumulates frequent-buyer coffee punches in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Her work has appeared in Big Lucks,  Word Riot8 1/2 x 11Knee Jerk Magazine  (twice), the Kansas City Star, Fugue, and at presentmagazine.com and ereview.org.

She has also written whole books which are patiently waiting to be discovered, and can’t stop herself from writing more.  What are you gonna do.

You may contact her at schurmane@yahoo.com .

Photo: “Elizabeth Schurman” by small child whose name she does not remember but who definitely lives in rural Mississippi and has his own treehouse.


4 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. Serendipidy led me to your blog. After reading Janet Sunderland’s blog today, I glanced right at a list and saw what I think is a name from the past at GHTC and EFM. If you are the one, “Hello, good to read you.” If this is not my fomer (sometimes) classmate from EFM, sorry to intrude. Jim Fox

    1. Yep, it’s me, Jim. Good to hear from you. I’ll be an EFM senior next year! Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. I just saw the news about the arts festival at Myers Mansion over on the Whispering Prairie Press website. I think what you are doing is wonderful. Please let me know if you need any help. xo Dana

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