Season 1, Episode 7

“Ghost in the Machine” or “Who You Callin A Smart House?”

How does my cat Tybalt respond to this episode? He nestles near my feet, rather than, as in earlier episodes, he got up on pillows and rested his head on my shoulder.

Some HAL-style action here. I haven’t seen “2001” since I was a kid, I don’t think. I’ve never been interested in seeng it again, even though I love Kubrick.

Mulder really has that average sized dick energy, you know what I mean?

On the other hand, whoever cut David Duchovny’s hair, blue ribbon!

Suspect refers to “electro-wizards” and “phone freaks” and “data travelers” and “techno anarchists,” and thank you writers for that.

He refers to himself as a “scruffy mind.” He mentions how their company was in competition with Microsoft, but not Apple. Was Apple not even a threat in 1993?

The sound of a modem, buzz! Adorable! I guess they are “online,” in some sense. It would have been 1991 that I first used the internet in school….

“What are you doing Brad?” LOL

The sequences showing the HAL-esque being destroyed is awesome. Doors slam! Buttons flash! Whirly things whirl… tape?

And HAL-esque ends by whimpering, “why?”

Awwwwww sorry Son of HAL.

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