The X-Files

Season 1, Episode 8

“Ice” or “Cabin Fever”

Great opening, two guys pointing guns at each other, and then aim at themselves, and fire. Tell me more!

On your BINGO card, note “the dawn of man” is finally stated! They might have used the phrase in that Neanderthal episode, but as someone who’s graded a lot of papers that begin with “since the dawn of time,” I am noticing. I’m very anti-dawn.

I feel like the budget for this show is actually quite modest. They do a lot with some basic outside work, a few houses and apartments that I think they re-use, and lots of practical effects.

Yes, your pilot in Alaska is named “Bear.”

The stunt work with the dog is… not great. Oh! the dog bit my sleeve! Help!

Another practical effect of something traveling inside something else. The budget here only required “heavy coats,” “stock footage of a place with snow,” and “shitty industrial kind of interior.”

In what must be an indicator of the set director’s interests, there is a pinball machine at the Arctic station. Okay, maybe they wanted the sound effects. It is eerie sound effects.

But really I suspect they wanted to play pinball between takes.

I’m really digging this “Alien” style storyline.

Mulder: let me explain how this is about aliens… thanks, dude.

I think this was my favorite episode so far. Almost a bottle episode, more psychological stuff.


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