The X-Files

Season 1, Episode 4

“The Conduit” or my title: “Too Much Television”

Gillian Anderson has such beautiful lips. She coulda been a silent movie star.

“Men in Black” ripped this off, didn’t they?

If you’re the kid in your family always getting blamed for everything, you should call yourself “Weather Balloon.”

Though they suffer from this and that in movies, people who live in trailers and farmhouses are not a greatest risk of alien attack, but at great risk of attack by the crush of capitalism and our frayed safety net. Oof.

I don’t think the binary is coming from the TV. Wouldn’t that be coming from a computer?

Is this the first white man antihero that leads us on to “The Sopranos”?

So this was around the era that people suddenly had “discovered memories” that sometimes put innocent people in jail, a la the Salem Witch trials… some clarity on hypnotism and what it actually is would be helpful. I think of it just as being deep in meditation, super relaxed. I think once my godmother hypnotized me. I was just deeply relaxed and deep in imagination. But that comes easily to me.

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