The X-Files

Season 1, Episode 3

Based on the attacker’s use of air vents for travel, I am guessing that this man was killed by Emperor Zurg.

Pre-internet, pre-cell phone show about investigators, the importance of photos (and all other physical evidence) is so different.

There’s an admirable (unrealistic?) lack of sexual tension and sexism between Sculder and… all the men.

Victim’s name is “Usher.” Victim was murdered in Baltimore. Edgar Allen Poe lived in Baltimore. Edgar Allen Poe wrote “The Fall of the House of Usher.”


There’s a budding abusive relationship between these two. He acts crazy, she covers for him. He’s the only one who knows the truth, and everyone else is wrong!

The word “liver” is so creepy! Is it because the word “live” is in it, or is it our deeply understood feeling that “liver and onions” is something that symbolizes “disgust”?

Oh no Sculder is running a bath

that’s never good

Ending: this guy is elastic man, so the odds of him remaining incarcerated are… low.

I’m kinda into how no one understands what’s going on in this show. It’s very 2020.

The comparisons between this little elasti-weasel and genocide seem to give elasti-weasel credit for a depth of evil he hasn’t earned.

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