33 Days

jesus wilderness

Oh, we’re getting somewhere now.  Now we are cooking with gas.  Although it is (apparently) freaky cold outside, I am inside, with my TV shows, my books, my Legos, my cat, my nice warm grits with lots of butter and salt, my Mardi Gras glitter mess.

My bird feeder fell four stories.  I do not expect to find its body.  But I set some birdseed on my windowsill, and it looks as if the adorable teeny pencil sketch birds I saw earlier have revisited 4L back bedroom windowsill and had luncheon.

Something beautiful:

An earlier version of “I Could Have Danced All Night”:

I could dance, dance, dance, and be fresher after,

I could dance away numberless suns,

To no weariness let my knees bend.

Earth I could brave with laughter,

Having such wonderful girls here to friend.

-Aristophanes, Lysistrata


Oh, the classic, I have been singing it to myself every half hour since remeeting it.

King Tut

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