34 Days

jesus wildernessHow did I arrive at this number?  What was I thinking?  Is there an echo in here?

I left you for a day, covered you on facebook, and then I left you for another day, why, because I trust you.  You’re fine.  Right?  Fine-ish?  I would not leave you bitter people alone on Valentine’s Day, though.  Never.


Today I was walking from church to coffee, and a guy was holding his phone up, standing just outside his apartment.  “Hey, look!   I know you don’t get to see snow very often anymore, so here you go!”

Something beautiful:

I went to see this yesterday.  One of my favorite things is absolute silence in Manhattan.  It happens in church, at the theater, at the symphony, at the piano bar when they ask very nicely for everyone to be quiet.  It actually does.

It is an amazing related experience to be alone in Manhattan, completely alone in a room in Manhattan.  This happens to me at school every once in a while.  It makes you wonder if you are a ghost.  Great and strange.  Everyone was completely, deadly, held-in-the-hands-of the-actor silent at the a tight point in this show, and it was breathtaking.  It was a rowdy crowd, this is a loud and rowdy and audience-participation show, and still they were, reminding me why and how theater is special.

Extra thoughts for no extra charge:

  • There are a couple people who sit on the floor of the basement of the Belasco Theater who maybe work there?  They play with their phones and read books.  I don’t know what they are doing there.
  • Sorry to everyone I climbed over to go pee, I had no idea there wasn’t an intermission, and I could not hold it
  • I happened to see John Cameron Mitchell in a leg brace.  He was recently injured and I guess the show must go on.  There was another show I saw with a big deal star who forgot half her lines.  Perhaps I am becoming the Saw The Odd Night girl.


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