38 Days

jesus wildernessMustering resources….

Let’s begin here, I love wondering what people are doing to make the babies laugh, sometimes you can’t see, who knows, but wow, they’re like people when they laugh (warning, the second baby is insane):

Joke stolen from the internet:

Q: What’s a specimen?

A: An Italian astronaut.

Anecdote (forgive me, I taught the word introspection today):

A few years back, I was awesome at my job-job, everyone loved me.  The last couple years, I feel like I’ve done very little right.  Is this because I am different, or they are different?

I wonder about the difference between ego and confidence.  As a recovering A student, I wonder, if your confidence doesn’t come from your ego, what exactly does it come from?

Well, this I know, the overall goal is becoming more open, softer.  Which leads us to….

Deep spiritual thought:

What I like about art is the very thing that makes people fear it.  It enlarges us.  I am a better and more honest woman for having…admitted my locked-away feelings of the years.  I am larger and better and softer and kinder and more open than I was resisting knowing what I knew.  It is always this way with art…. We rise to the occasion that life offers us.  I like a woman better who admits to missing and still desiring a former husband than I liked the woman who pretended so well that she was above caring for him since he had been the one who walked out.

Let’s close with this, it’s cruel, but I like it, we used to do this to my little brother, too.

Let’s close with this, it’s cruel but I like it

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