Only 39 Days, Can You Believe It? Yeah, I Can, Too.

jesus wildernessStill there?  Good.

I am still here, too, thank you for asking.

I really wanted to give you this picture yesterday, for our time together in the wilderness, but the internet was angry, probably because of something you did.

Just kidding.

Deep spiritual thought(s):

I would recommend, for all occasions, but particularly February: the book of Job.  Perhaps you’d like to see the whole Lego Bible, which I think is brilliant, but you know how I am.  Don’t you?  By now?  It’s Day 39, come on.

Something beautiful :

I may have sent you here before, but I’m gonna send you again:

Manatee Rescue

I know.  You thought you were gonna rescue the manatees, not the other way around.  Don’t forget to SUMMON ANOTHER CALMING MANATEE.


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