Approximately 69 Days Remaining

matisse 4Although tonight I am going to the opera, an amazing, expensive thing I feel so lucky to get to experience, I am currently interpreting that as a source of stress (what to wear, what time need to leave, logistics of getting there, when and where to eat) and my entire life feels like a puzzle with too many pieces.  Maybe I should relax first, but I can’t because I can’t really relax knowing I have to write lesson plans, but maybe I should just get them done, no, I can’t, I can’t, I haven’t felt like an artist in so long, but then, this place is a mess, but then, if I lay here a while and just watched (what I still colloquially call) TV, I’d feel better.  Eh.  Let’s take a wee break.


This video (rated R) is many things, among them: funny, disturbing, true.

Deep spiritual thought;

For a person, for an animal, indeed for any living being, there is neither logic nor meaning in the word “freedom” because all our lives are limited by many constraints.  And yet if a person understands himself as a spiritual being,k he cannot speak about not being free: the idea of not being free cannot be applied to the notions of intellect, conscience, and love.

-more Tolstoy, I’m not wandering very far, I know, but there you go, you’re free.

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