70 Days

snow flowersCan you believe it, there are only 70 days left until spring.

Maybe you can believe it.

It’s just a number.


Today two of my students looked up at me suddenly and said, “You scared me!” like they didn’t expect me to be standing next to them looking at their work although I am, um, the teacher.

Today two other students told me I had “teacher handwriting.”  One added, “Like, a third-grade teacher.”

I got to explain Platonic philosophy in about 25 words to a kid who was way past looking for main ideas in paragraphs and I had separately assigned to learn about Greek philosophers.

Deep spiritual thought:

There is a natural kindness which comes from our external attributes, from our inheritance, audience…success, etc.  This kind of kindness is very pleasant, both for the person who experiences it and for the people around him.  And there is another type of kindness that comes from inner, spiritual work.  This kindness is less attractive, but although the first kindness can easily change or be transformed into hatred, the second kind of kindness will never disappear and will constantly grow. – Tolstoy.

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