A small cottage, an attic apartment, on the first cold morning of the year.  A drawer opens.

Long underwear: Oh, good morning.

Yibbet: Hi.

LU: You wanna…?

Y: Yeah.  Ugh.

LU: It’s been so long.  I don’t think I’ve seen you since….

Y: Long time.  Yep.

LU: Maybe March?  Or did we get together in April, too?

Y: Um.  Maybe.

LU: What have you been up to?

Y: Oh, nothin.

LU: Man, am I sick of those socks.  Half of them hate each other because they’re so tired of each other, and half of them are single, and all they do is whine, too.

Y: Huh.

LU: It’s nice to see you.

Y: Yeah.

LU: It’s like we were so close last year, and then you just disappeared.   I heard you sometimes.  You sure open that top drawer a lot.

Y: Well, that’s the all-season underwear.  You know.  Like, I can’t go without it.

LU: Yeah.

Y: It’s good to see you, too.

LU: It’s good to be together again.

Y: It’s just that sometimes things with us get a little uncomfortable.  And sometimes even though you’re doing your best, I still feel cold.

LU: I’m not perfect.  I know.

Y: This isn’t my favorite time of year.

LU: Oh, honey.

Y: But I’m glad you’re here.  It would be way worse without you.

LU: Aw.  You mean it?

Y: Sure.  What pants do you want to wear today?

LU: Whatever you want.  Corduroy?

Y: My thoughts exactly.

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