The sister received an empty cradle for committing.

One wisdom tooth pulled three kept in my mouth.

I used to know all the phone numbers.

I found faces in the moon.

The lady in Mary Poppins who pops off her fingers, joint by joint, and offers them to children as candy.

The Emily Dickinson lace.

The worst was over.

What I left you in an envelope on the counter.

How I left the car unlocked.

The one pane that was not clean, it was not there.

When you said, the empty cradle, I thought, wheat.

No straws: dry socket.

Nothing chewy: brackets break.

What you remembered about what I said.

How sharks have an extra row of teeth that they don’t even need.

Icicles which melt depending on who is hit by the sun, and every other one goes.

Clear glass eyes, no iris, no fake lens or hole.

Set a place for him every night.

Image: Music- A Sequence of Ten Cloud Photographs, No. 1 by Alfred Stieglitz, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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