7+4+5, or, Happy Purim.

matisse 10Yes, it’s snowing copiously in New York City.  Yes, it is March.  Yes, it is Purim, and I wore no costume, consumed no sugar cookies, did not play Purim BINGO (P, Haman’s horse; U, Grager).  Did I tell truth to power?  Nah.  Still, I had a great day.


Yesterday one of my students hosted this open mic at the school.  We have this Dream program there, and this was her Dream.  One of the security guards agreed to sing if he could stand behind a door with the speaker on the audience side.  He took the mic, he ducked behind the door, and sang, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.”

Today when I saw him, I said, “Oh, hey, MISTER MUSIC!”

And he laughed and he said, “You gotta do something.”

For the holiday:

Do you like videos with people in Biblical gear (bathrobes)?  I know you do.

Q: Is there a lot of snow in Persia?

A: Don’t be obnoxious, it’s a great video.

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