matisse 10

It’s raining ice here.  I don’t know if I live in Sodom or Gomorrah.  Let’s not speak of it anymore.

Something beautiful (who can write sentences this heavy and gorgeous?):

If the miseries of the undisclosable things in me, shall ever unhorse me from my manhood’s seat; if to vow myself all Virtue’s and all Truth’s, be but to make a trembling, distrusted slave of me; if Life is to prove a burden I can not bear without ignominious cringings; if indeed our actions are all foreordained, and we are Russian serfs to Fate; if invisible devils do titter at us when we most nobly strive; if Life be a cheating dream, and Virtue as unmeaning and unsequeled with any blessing as the midnight mirth of wine…all things are allowable and unpunishable to man; then do thou, Mute Massiveness, fall on me!

– Melville, Pierre.

Humor (the third and final installment in our Ernie & Bert trilogy yes I know a trilogy has three parts usually but this one has four):

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