27 Days

matisse 10


Today I visited my friend who was hurt and is so much better, and got to see my cousin’s kids and tickle them and have one of them read me the story she wrote about sleepovers.  It was good ballast on the other end of life, after waking up to news my grandma had died.  I loved being in the hospice place, it was so beautifully peaceful, several of us wished we could move in there– well, sort of.  And then the next day to be in the PT room with all the people practicing walking and getting out of bed and eating, all the dumb stuff you take for granted, they are working hard on.

It was good.  I’m good.

I ran an errand today and couldn’t figure out how to get out of the store.  I opened a fire door and the alarm went off.  I had to go back down the stairs I had just climbed.

But it’s all good.  No one cared that the alarm went off.


This is my favorite video of all time, except maybe the sloth pajama business.

However, some people, maybe my students, have described it as “creepy.”  Well, you be the judge:

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