29 Days and I’m Pulling the Plug (Death Humor for Ash Wednesday)

jesus wildernessI told you I would likely forget you yesterday, and I did, as a man rained glitter down on us, as we krewed up and krewed down, as the layers combined made snow a nonissue, as I lost my full ribbon hem somewhere, as I ate warm red beans and rice in my dear friend’s dining room, as we danced until my feet hurt.

Sorry about that.

I give you something so amazing you’ll forget you ever missed me.

Here we go.

I love men in suits.  I love Kermit the Frog.

Do you like male backup singers with honest moustaches?

Do you like it when a man thoughtfully tosses his trenchcoat over his shoulder and goes for an urban walk?

Do you like Busby-Berkley-style set pieces?

Hell yes, you do.

A frog?  Behind a desk?  Doing office work?

My sisters and I had this record, and we loved it, but I had never seen the video, so Happy Ash Wednesday to me, indeed.


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