42 Days According to My Calculations

matisse at 50You thought I forgot about you again, I was just giving you space.  I knew you would be fine.

Almost everyone I know has had some kind of revelation or throwing up against fate like a stone wall in the last week.


Something beautiful:

Commit yourself to watching this video for a while, I know it seems stupid, but it’s actually nice.

There you go.  That’s better.

Another beautiful thing:

Here’s the flower that just bloomed at our house:



See how hard I’m trying to make it up to you, gone two days?



What if you had gotten this for Christmas?  You could have been PROFESSIONAL, CASUAL, and DRESSY all at the same time!  I photographed this while I was waiting for my prescription eye drops when my eye went crazy after Thanksgiving, I’m so glad that’s over:


One thought on “42 Days According to My Calculations

  1. Thank you for this. Which, as you saw, led me to posting another sea, well, the same sea, different vantage.

    I like that you’re counting the days down. It helps me remember. My fingernails, always breaking and splitting as January enters, are growing again. Now. That’s a springing sign!

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