matisse at 50Today we’re just going to be sad.  It’s a sad time of year, mostly, cold, and our shoulders are tight and we are cold and for many of us, Valentine’s Day and no one romantically loves us, as if we needed a special day to mediate on that sourness, and others of us, who might romantically love someone, the thing can just as easily go wonky.  Dirty snow.  So let’s just be sad today, and have a sad time.

Sad songs:

This song, by this guy, was my best cry in the theater, one of very few, but I was not the only crying, this is a wonderful grown-up crying song:

This is also extremely sad, and for grown-ups, people who have actually risked things and lost things and are old enough to have started to forget things about their lives, this song will only get sadder as time goes on, which is wonderful:

And then, palate cleanser: “Well, what do you expect, they’re Canadian.” (This is really profane, I guess I should add just in case.)

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