67 Days Left.

matisse 4Winter is so cozy.  Such a good time to have coffee.  I drink hot coffee all year, not matter how hot it is outside, but it is nicer in winter.

But: I looked at my bank balance this morning and I was like WHAT HOW IS THIS MY LIFE, but then, many of us feel this way in January after thoroughly and enjoying our Christmas.  It’s just money.  I have more than everything I need, I have extra, and I’ll make more of the stuff, in fact, I already have.

Let’s go to the masters.

Deep spiritual thought:

“Power…comes from being very soft.  It comes from opening your heart so that you share your heart with others.  You have nothing to hide, no suit of armor.  Your experience is naked and direct.  It is even beyond naked– it is raw, uncooked.” – Chogyam Trungpa.

Something beautiful:

Trees in winter are naked, just their skeletons are out, so you can see how elegantly they are made without their leaves.

Finally, you might enjoy this, on making your life more yours.

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