The 10 Best of Some Stuff, for No Particular Time

10 Best Places

1. feet up on your desk at work at the end of a day you kicked ass

2. Notre Dame, Paris

3. the park on the first day the grass is green and it’s warm enough to lie down outside

4. Grand Central Terminal, New York City

5. across from a half-empty bottle of wine as someone pours the second half

6. around a campfire with everyone’s faces dark so they feel safe saying stuff

7. home and a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a blanket at the end of a day from hell

8. the Globe Theater (reconstructed), London

9. out the window of MoMA

10. your family singing “Happy Birthday” to someone with candlelight on their faces

10 Best TV Shows

1. the one you haven’t seen again since you were a kid

2. the one you crave another bite of like it’s popcorn, give it to me, give it to me

3. the one that is so trashy you won’t tell anyone you watched it

4. the one that just happens to be on because I am so, so tired I can’t move

5. “30 Rock”

6. a lady making a thing that was so ugly to begin with, you don’t know why she’s making it, but you wonder how she will

7. the one with the scrolling bar that lists your school: snow day!

8. the one that actually makes you laugh at loud, even when you are alone

9. the one with the mad sexy actor you just like to look at but have no interest in knowing personally because he’s probably unbearably shallow

10. the one that you would never rent, but what the hell, it’s on

10 Best Books

1. I love everything this person writes, and I would read his/her pages of practice, lower-case D’Nealeon z’s if I could get my hands on it

2. I don’t understand how the hell this all hangs together, but it does

3. I plan to become an expert in this subject, at least until I get bored with it

4. These sentences sound like God wrote them, seriously, I’m so jealous

5. I love all these people and I’ll be so sad when I can’t spend any more time with them because they’re not real

6. I don’t want to be here, and I’m not here, I’m there, all there

7. I don’t think I can finish this, but it’s super famous, and there’s probably a reason for that, so I’m going to plow on

8. Oh, I see, so this connects to that, and that connects to this, and now I understand the whole thing, sort of

9. Damn, I never thought of it that way at all

10. I so do not get this, but I’m going to get it, eventually