The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 10

“Fallen Angel” or “Rock Me Sexy Alien Forcefield”

I wonder how much brain damage Mulder will sustain over the course of this series. How much flashy-things? How many knocks over the head?

Finally they bring in a super nerd to contrast with Mulder’s handsome nerdishness.

Use of the word “wiggy.”

Levitation used for the second time….

Implantation of device in human head for the second time. Sigh.

This episode is helped by: a shiny airstream trailer

It’s hindered by: a UFO crash, which has become less interesting to me over 10 episodes.

The X-Files

Season 1, Episode 9

“Space” or “SpaceGhost”

Well a small budget is showing here, as they rely primarily upon file footage of the Space Shuttle in this episode. Well, that and some Tim Burton style face freakouts. “Mission Control” is only slightly more glamorous than the Millenium Feline I built for my cats.

Much as I am enjoying the show, this episode starts to get dangerous… in that the old “face on Mars” thing is brought up and pushed as meaningful, and I am suddenly thinking of Q-Anon and their dangerous bullshit.

It’s cute to see Mulder NASA nerding out.

The X-Files

Season 1, Episode 8

“Ice” or “Cabin Fever”

Great opening, two guys pointing guns at each other, and then aim at themselves, and fire. Tell me more!

On your BINGO card, note “the dawn of man” is finally stated! They might have used the phrase in that Neanderthal episode, but as someone who’s graded a lot of papers that begin with “since the dawn of time,” I am noticing. I’m very anti-dawn.

I feel like the budget for this show is actually quite modest. They do a lot with some basic outside work, a few houses and apartments that I think they re-use, and lots of practical effects.

Yes, your pilot in Alaska is named “Bear.”

The stunt work with the dog is… not great. Oh! the dog bit my sleeve! Help!

Another practical effect of something traveling inside something else. The budget here only required “heavy coats,” “stock footage of a place with snow,” and “shitty industrial kind of interior.”

In what must be an indicator of the set director’s interests, there is a pinball machine at the Arctic station. Okay, maybe they wanted the sound effects. It is eerie sound effects.

But really I suspect they wanted to play pinball between takes.

I’m really digging this “Alien” style storyline.

Mulder: let me explain how this is about aliens… thanks, dude.

I think this was my favorite episode so far. Almost a bottle episode, more psychological stuff.



Season 1, Episode 7

“Ghost in the Machine” or “Who You Callin A Smart House?”

How does my cat Tybalt respond to this episode? He nestles near my feet, rather than, as in earlier episodes, he got up on pillows and rested his head on my shoulder.

Some HAL-style action here. I haven’t seen “2001” since I was a kid, I don’t think. I’ve never been interested in seeng it again, even though I love Kubrick.

Mulder really has that average sized dick energy, you know what I mean?

On the other hand, whoever cut David Duchovny’s hair, blue ribbon!

Suspect refers to “electro-wizards” and “phone freaks” and “data travelers” and “techno anarchists,” and thank you writers for that.

He refers to himself as a “scruffy mind.” He mentions how their company was in competition with Microsoft, but not Apple. Was Apple not even a threat in 1993?

The sound of a modem, buzz! Adorable! I guess they are “online,” in some sense. It would have been 1991 that I first used the internet in school….

“What are you doing Brad?” LOL

The sequences showing the HAL-esque being destroyed is awesome. Doors slam! Buttons flash! Whirly things whirl… tape?

And HAL-esque ends by whimpering, “why?”

Awwwwww sorry Son of HAL.