50 Days. You Could Do Anything 50 Times, Couldn’t You?

matisse at 50I went with double hats today.  But single long underwear.

I did okay.

My galoshes are beginning to rub at my toe and my heel.  But we’re getting through this together.

I walked up to some art galleries during my lunch break today, and thus I bring you something(s) beautiful:

photo 1 (4)photo 2 (2)photo 4 (1)photo

Shark and Andy Warhol, Marc Seguin, from I Love America and America Loves Me, Mike Weiss Gallery.

Other two images: Margaux Ogden, from Down the Rabbit Hole at Freight + Volume

51. There It Is.

matisse 5Anecdote:

Today I appreciated my galoshes very much.  With double long underwear and double hats, double scarves, I was not cold today.  The sun shone on the Avenues, and I had time to walk in the sun.

I had a hard time taking my boots off when I got home.  Seriously, I thought they were going to have to amputate.  Double socks.

I also finally went into that cupcake shop near my work and bought two cupcakes, I am about to eat one.

Something beautiful:

54, Hardly Anything, A Trifle.

matisse 5Anecdote:

While waiting for my bagel, I saw across the street the awning said, “CROWN HIGHTS BEAUTY SUPPLY.”  So much is so homemade here, so shabby, it’s lovely.


(from an email someone sent me in 2007, that classic year for snowman jokes)

What did one snowman say to another?

Do you smell carrots?

Something beautiful:


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s 56.

matisse 5Anecdote(s):

There was a crazy homophobic preacher on my train this morning, and everyone ignored the hell out of him, which was the good, proper, and lovely response.

Today one of the kids said something to another teacher that made him laugh like crazy.  I was busy, and I forgot to ask what it was.  Still, that was very good.  My last class of the day just kept hanging out trying to revise their writing.  On a Friday.  When they could have gone home. They were writing about the Iliad. It was nuts.


Bad kid joke for today (from badkidjokes.tumblr.com)

Q: why wolves howl?

A: because they have no idea what are they doing