XXXXVII just kidding XLVII

matisse at 50I’m not going to lie to you.  This part is not easy.

February is the worst month of the year, by a lot.

It’s going to require cruelty.  Look at the cruelty of this little girl.  Look at it!

Something beautiful:

Also it’s now appropriate to escape to a fantasy of tropicality/serious confrontation of violence and racism in the 20th century such as what has been provided us by the great Rodgers & Hammerstein :

Deep spiritual thought:

I agree with the view that writing novels is an unhealthy type of work.  When we set off to write a novel, when we use writing to create a story, like it or not a toxin that lies deep down in all humanity rises to the surface.  All writers have to come face-to-face with this toxin and, aware of the danger involved, discover a way to deal with it….

This is why among writers and other artists there are quite a few whose real lives are decadent or who pretend to be anti-social.  I can understand this…. To deal with something unhealthy, a person needs to be as healthy as possible.  That’s my motto.  In other words, an unhealthy soul requires a healthy body….

The healthy and the unhealthy are not necessarily at opposite ends of the spectrum.  They don’t stand in opposition to each other, but rather complement each other, and in some cases even band together.

-Haruki Murakami

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